Lake Symington News, December 2012

From the Vice President

Greetings Good Neighbors!

Wow! It’s hard to believe summer is over and we are wrapping up another year! One of the joyous memories of this year will be that our community park saw a tremendous increase in use by our community’s families this summer. Your board wants more than anything to keep our park family friendly and well used.

The Lake Symington Community Club board volunteers worked hard this year on behalf of our community. I would like to thank: Larry, Karen, Mike, Jetta, Stephanie, Dana, Bob (I’m missing a few here) for their dedication to our mission and non board members like, Rene (our community watch commander) and Jeannie for her maintenance of our web site. A special thank you goes out to Wilbur for his contributions to our community and all the volunteering he does in addition to the work we commission for him to do.

Timely collection of dues continues to be a challenge. Second requests and liens cut deeply into the budget. Please do what you can even if it is a partial payment, every dollar goes to the maintenance and improvement of our community.

Just a reminder, even though I-502 legalizes recreational use of Marijuana, just like alcohol it is still illegal to use in our community park.

Dam Safety: Beyond the need to place rock at the west side of the dam there are no current maintenance issues, the outlet works have been exercised, the bridge grates are clean and there are no indications of excessive seepage or leaks.

Please note we have had a lot of vandalism of dam rock, float log and trespassing this year inside the fenced areas of the dam - These are dangerous areas. If you see anyone inside the fences or on or in the spillway or moving dam rocks please ask them to leave immediately. Report vandalism in progress to 911. Damage to the dam and infrastructure could threaten lives and property. If you are in the flood zone below the dam, please make sure that if you change contact information that it is reported to the Dam safety committee so we can amend the emergency phone tree.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. May Santa be generous to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Dino Fanara

Fish Report

Hi all,

I was talking with one of my Olympia Department of Fisheries friends today. He gave me a fish count that was very uplifting. In spite of heavy netting by tribal and commercial boats we had a decent return. 250 Chum Salmon, which is a very low count. Chum have no impact on us as they spawn within the first half-mile of the stream. They do not come upstream any farther. The Coho or Silver Salmon who climb our ladder and go on to Morgan’s Marsh, had a count of “2,000”. Now how about that! The best count in almost five years. It is the result of a very large count of outgoing smolt a few years ago. The return count would have been huge if it were not for the lack of rain. No full flow of water going over the dam, no full flow creek equals no fish coming upstream. That is when the netters slaughter the run that is waiting in the canal to come upstream.

My friend did comment that it is important to keep the orifice open as there are some stragglers still coming up....

Bob M.
Former Fish way Team Leader

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