Lake Symington Community Club
2014 Newsletter

From the President

To anybody, whose body is above room temperature, and can open their eyes, it is obvious that spring is happening. Even if it is a little late to arrive in Lake Symington, spring is when our area really pops.

I hope that you have been able to notice the gradual improvement in the areas under the care of our home owners association / the LSCC.

Your club dues pay for these improvements, such as the update and restoration of the main entrance on Redwing. There are many things that go on or are discussed at our monthly meetings that are not as obvious, but have taken up much of our time and consideration. Some of them, such as the Lake weed cleanup, have been under consideration for a long time, with small steps being taken towards the goal of keeping our Lake alive for everyone's enjoyment. We are at the point of putting bodies on the lake to accomplish the clean up/ weed removal. No one in our group, as far as I know, is an expert in this area, though we have learned a bit over the years and slowly collected the weed cutter and paraphernalia needed to get started at least. We need someone to step forward and steer this effort.

Another accomplishment that has been struggled through recently, has been the financial books of the club. The HOA should be truly grateful as I am with the rest of the board members, of the fine and diligent work done by our new treasurer and her partner. This has been difficult, emotionally sometimes, and time consuming, but we are on a firm footing now. Part of this effort has been the decision by the board, to place liens on those households that do not pay their dues. This non-response by members (homeowners that reside in our jurisdictional area) has cost all of us that do pay. Now, we are taking steps to reverse that. Liens, that need to be paid in order to clear title for a refinance or sale, are the way. Eventually, the debt will be paid. The entire board wishes that the situation were otherwise, but for whatever reason, some refuse to pay the $45.00 per year that is needed to maintain our commonly held responsibilities. This method may be slow, but it is sure.

We are looking in to making our park a more inviting area for visiting, particularly with children. We would appreciate any feedback that you have. Our email is available on our website.

My hope for this spring is that each homeowner or resident (because we do have renters) makes a unique and special effort to improve where they live. Together, this effort will show in our neighborhood and begin to create the pride in ownership that we all can share.

Be looking for some upcoming community events that we hope to hold at the park this summer. Come meet your neighbors, or meet them and bring them.

Community takes effort, but it is worth it. -- Larry


Saturday, July 5th is the annual Lake Symington Community Club meeting and Park Clean-Up at Red Wing Trail and Big Beef Crossing Park and lake front. Come on down and meet your neighbors, Homeowners Association officers and board members. Activities will start at 10:30 am followed by election of officers, food and refreshment. Bring a salad, side dish or dessert; the Community Club will supply burgers, hot dogs and drinks.

Association Officers:

  • President Larry Dandurand
  • Vice President Dino Fanara
  • Treasurer Heather Keller
  • Secretary Stephanie Blotzer

From the Vice President

Spring is upon us! It’s a time for renewal, beauty and the outdoors. Speaking of renewal I’m sure you have noticed we spruced up the Lake Symington Signs on Redwing, finished the dam rock projects, replaced the swing chains/seats and painted the gazebo in the park. Each spring we look forward to seeing the neighborhood transform as flowers begin to bloom, lawns green up and neighbors start their spring cleaning. I want to thank the good neighbors that make sure their homes look pleasant and presentable year round.

I want to take a moment to also thank the board members who volunteer to meet each month and follow up on projects throughout the year that keep our community safe, looking good, and well maintained. We will soon be reviewing improvement ideas for the park, entryways and corral area –we would love to hear ideas from you! Let us know what you think- please go to and share your ideas, concerns or compliments. Lastly - A big thank you to all the neighbors that pay their annual dues on time - as small as they are collectively they make a big impact on our maintenance and improvements.


Dino Fanara

Fish Report

Hi my friends –

I was contacted by WDF in regard to the fish count so here is the annual report:

The count was a miserly 490 silvers or Coho. We had some decent rains in the early fall so a few fish came up. Unfortunately when the rain stopped; so did the fish run. During that time the netters were only allowed to net and seine for four days out of seven. On Oct. 16, the netters were allowed to go back to seven days a week because the chum salmon were starting to run. The bad news for our silvers is that due to lack of late fall rains they could not come up stream. Nets and seiners kill everything so our silvers took a hard hit.  I started working with WDF about 16 years ago when our counts were 3,000 to 5,000 cohos during the run. I have witnessed the annual decline that is as steady as walking down stairs. Ours is not the only run in trouble. The difference is that ours is one of the last remaining "wild" runs. No hatchery fish involved just native fish. The problems are known to all involved, WDF, tribal sportsmen and environmental. Now try and get those groups together for a solution…

Good luck!

Bob Melcher


This year's $45.00 Home Owners Association dues are payable on June 1st. After Aug 31st, a $10.00 late fee will be assessed. Our fees are very low compared to most neighborhood HOA dues. We prefer not to send out letters requesting payment. Our dues go toward Dam maintenance and inspections as well as landscape and upkeep. Check out the main entrance on Red Wing for a look at the most recent landscape improvement!

Submit Home Owner’s dues and other correspondence to:

Lake Symington Homeowner’s Association
P O Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

LSCC Website and Facebook Page

Send submissions to the Lake Symington Community Club Website to: We’ve also launched the Lake Symington Community Club Facebook page at!/pages/Lake-Symington-Community-Club/227191977393680


We expect to have a dumpster in the neighborhood early this summer for the use of Homeowner’s Association members. Watch for it!

Lake Weeding

We’re looking for volunteers to help out with lake weeding and park maintenance this summer. Contact us via the website or on Facebook.

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