Lake Symington News, April 2015

From the President

Happy 2015! We have put new signage in the park for our private boat launch. Please do try to enjoy this membership privilege some time this year, human powered or electric watercraft only. Our 60-acre lake is a wonderful place to paddle around and explore. Please park outside the fence and close the gate after launching.

The board is looking at some long term improvement projects. One of the largest being a possible small basketball or pickle ball court in the Northeast corner of the park. There is also talk about what to do with the 2+ acre Corral area in the center of Overland Trail and Boundry Road - no definitive ideas yet - your feedback is desired.

Dam Information:

Please remind your family members that the spillway, the outlet works, fish ladder, fish orifice, settling basin and dam cement structures have hidden potential dangers and are expensive to repair/maintain and therefore are off limits to the general public! If you see anyone in or on these areas, please ask them to exit. If you have an interest in getting an educational private tour of these areas, please contact me.

Fish Information:

Chum, Coho and Steelhead spawn in Big Beef Creek (which feeds into and drains from Lake Symington). The count for Silvers (Coho Salmon) for 2014 was 832. The count of Smolt (baby salmon that go to the ocean) was 50,000 - (This is why we spend a lot of time clearing the fish orifice from beaver damage). Coho are reported to be the only salmon that make it up this far, theyíre the ones we see at the lake and tributaries nearby. They sometimes loose their silvery color and can be dark gray or nearly brown. ñ Information provided by Bob Melcher (retired board member).

Fishing Information:

License is required. Season from the 1st Saturday in June through Oct 31, Selective gear rules for all species, and catch-and-release for trout. There have been some good sized bass caught near the park.

Don't forget, first Saturday in June is the Annual LSCC Garage Sale.

Best Regards,

Dino Fanara

From the Vice President

Happy Spring!

Like many of you that have to work every day, my wife and I are busy. However busy we get though, we do enjoy the Lake and have taken many walks around it. I have seen many of you taking the stroll too, especially people I havenít met yet. Our home place has done some shuffling this past year and I want to take a moment to welcome all the new residents that share Lake Symington from the LSCC board. This board is a small cadre of loyal helpers that try to keep our common property maintained using the dues that we all contribute. We meet every month and would be glad to have you attend our meetings. They are usually brief, no more than an hour or so. You can call one of the officers to see when the next meeting is. You can even be on the board if you are elected at our annual meeting at the park in July. (Your chances are very good).

We are all coming into the best time to be in Lake Symington and enjoy our own late spring Alpine weather. Today my wife and I saw the first brood of ducklings go by. Please do not try to save them if you see them being washed over the dam. The spillway is very dangerous and as cute as those little ducks are, we like you better.

See you around,

Larry Dandurand

Grant money to investigate lake quality

Kitsap Public Health District recently received a grant from the Washington State Department of Ecology for a water quality project at Lake Symington and Big Beef Creek. The goal of the project is to assess bacteria and nutrient levels in the lake to protect the public health.

KPH staff will collect water samples and if levels exceed standards limits, they will work to identify the source(s) and correct the problem(s).

KPH will host a meeting on May 12 at Green Mountain Elementary from 6 to 8pm, to present this project. For more information, you may call Eva Crim at 337 5621.

Home Owner Dues Keep the State Away

At the bottom of this page, you will see your current dues standing with Lake Symington Community Club. Please note: payment is due May 31st, and a late payment of $10 attaches after June 31st. Much of the money is used to maintain and beautify the park and other amenities but the most important expenditures are for dam inspection and maintenance. Those of you who have lived here a while will recall when the State decided the dam needed critical attention. They drained all the water out and charged every homeowner well over $1000 each! Now, our cadre of volunteers works to do what it takes, funded by your homeowner dues, to see that doesn't happen again. Your $45 a year is working hard to protect you from a very costly bill from the Department of Ecology.

Take a Load Off

Our handsome and comfortable park benches were installed last month, thanks to the work of board member and engineering super-hero George Pease. One bench sits out in the sunshine, close to the water, the other is farther back, in the shade. Next time you're in the park, have a seat and enjoy a moment or two of quiet contemplation. Or bring your kids!

Lake Weeding

We're still looking for volunteers to help out with lake weeding and park maintenance this summer and fall. Please contact us via email or the Comments section of the form below, if you're willing and able to lend a hand.

Thanks, Jennifer

Our thanks go to Jennifer Kilkenny, from Windermere Real Estate, who is not only sponsoring our coming 3rd annual garage sale, but has also made a contribution to help defray the publishing costs of this newsletter.

Pickleball, anyone?

The board is contemplating the installation of a concrete or asphalt pad, for use as a pickleball/small basketball court. A pickleball court is 20'x44', which would fit nicely in the Northeast corner of the park.

Please use the Comments area of your payment slip to let us know what you think about this idea, and/or any other suggestions you may have for improving our community.

Association Officers

  • President: Dino Fanara
  • Vice President: Larry Dandurand
  • Treasurer: Heather Keller
  • Newsletter Editor: Steve Johnson
  • Secretary: Stephanie Blotzer
  • Boardmember: George Pease
  • Boardmember: Mike Gatrost
  • Boardmember: Dana Spangler
  • Boardmember: Patrick Blotzer
  • Boardmember: Bob Schumacher



From the President

It seems appropriate this time of year to share what I am thankful for. I am sincerely thankful for all the volunteer time our Board of Directors contributes to the business of running our HOA each month and throughout the year. Their wisdom and devotion to the betterment of our community is greatly appreciated. I am also thankful for our members that pay their dues willingly and on time. I am thankful that home values in our community are on the rise and we are seeing a reduction in foreclosed properties. I am thankful that the lake did not completely dry up this year! I am thankful for the teenagers and children that do respect our community. I am thankful for those that drive cautiously. I am thankful that I see so many people taking walks through our community and appreciating where we live. Finally-to the new community members that are making their homes look terrific- thank you for the inspiration! Best Regards,

Dino Fanara

From the Secretary

If you have not been to our community park since school ended, the weather has changed, take a walk or a drive over. Many new things are happening at our park with the community members in mind. Among the newest items in the park are the new tables under the pavilion. The board approved four new picnic tables. The new tables are sturdy and graffiti-resistant. They were purchased from a company in Allyn. We do have some of the old tables available for purchase at about $50 per table, depending on condition. If you are interested, please contact our community president, Dino, at

Stephanie Blotzer

Thanks, Jennifer

Our thanks go to Jennifer Kilkenny, from Windermere Real Estate, who will not only sponsor our coming 4th annual garage sale next year, but has also made a contribution to help defray the publishing costs of this newsletter.

Association Officers

  • President: Dino Fanara
  • Vice President: Larry Dandurand
  • Treasurer: Heather Keller
  • Newsletter Editor: Steve Johnson
  • Secretary: Stephanie Blotzer
  • Boardmember: Patrick Blotzer
  • Boardmember: George Pease
  • Boardmember: Bob Schumacher

Lake Weeding

We're still looking for volunteers to help out with lake weeding and park maintenance next spring. Please contact us via email or the comments form on this newsletter, if you're willing and able to lend a hand.

Old Business

Last newsletter contemplated the installation of a pickleball/basketball court in the northeast corner of the park and asked for your comments. Well, what we heard were concerns about the age group the court would attract and the possible vandalism and drug issues that could arrise.

So the board decided to spend our meager dollars on items that are more generic in their appeal. so in addition to the new picnic tables, we just removed a non permeable plastic that had been used as a weed barrier just under the sod near the playground. This was removed and the area smoothed and reseeded for easier mowing and better ground water. Come springtime, we can look forward to a lovely green Northern corner of the park.

Comments Please

This year's neighborhood improvements have now been completed. Your board is now looking for suggestions for things to improve for next year. When the dues come in, $45 times 314 residences comes to $14K and change. Most goes to county-required dam maintenance and miscellaneous things like the rainy-day fund and streetlight power, but there will be enough left over for a few new things. What do you think?

New Picnic Tables

The old picnic tables in the park finally sucumbed to old age and then some degree of vandalism, it was time to get new ones. The replacement tables are made of concrete with a very nice wood grain emboss.

Also, thanks to your comments returned from the last newsletter, we have added a handy Mutt-Mitt dispenser, for the convenience of those of us who like to walk the park with our dogs.

This idea was tried once before, but mischief makers were a recurring problem. Hopefully, by now our glove thieves have grown up (whatever chronological age they may have been).

And that's not all

As a last addition to the park improvements, we will soon add one more of those green benches that have proved so popular. It will be located near the swings, so parents can keep a closer watch on the little ones.

And finally, a small matching green picnic-style table with attached benches will be placed in a shaded corner, perfect for al fresco chess games, quiet laptop sessions and impromptu arm wrestling matches (but watch out for those mesh-design imprints on the elbows!).

Park Porta Potty Schedule

As you may have noticed, the presence of the outhouse in the park is based on the times of year when the park gets the most usage. So you may want to circle these dates -- It never hurts to plan ahead...

  • Arrival - 1st week in May
  • Departure - 1st week in Sept
  • 4th of July week - TWO potties (no waiting!)

Park Pavillion Use

Just for the record, the covered pavillion where the picnic tables are is open to all members of the Lake Symington Community Club and their guests. Unlike the Wildcat Lake park down the road, it's not a public facility. If you should encounter a group of uninvited guests, you would be certainly within your rights if you were to point that out to them.

Also, the pavillion is not reserveable, it's first come, first served. Occasionally, two birthday parties have shown up on the same day, but everyone has gotten along famously, while birthday-boys and birthday-girls have been pleased to meet their fellow celebrants.

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