Lake Symington News, Spring 2016

From the President

What a Winter We Have Had.

A recent drowning in Big Beef Creek serves as a not so subtle reminder to redouble our own efforts to keep our loved ones, especially the children, safe when near the water. Please remind everyone in your family to resist the urge to play on the dam, fish ladder and spillway. These areas have hidden dangers. I have personally seen a youngster slip and hit her head then nearly get swept down the spillway while parents sat nearby oblivious to the danger as I yelled to get their attention.

Once again I would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to the board members who take time from their busy lives to put in all the work that it takes to run an association. One of the most thankless jobs is having to go after those that skip out on their obligation to make the annual dues payment that costs them so little but does so much for all of us. Our combined mandatory dues pay for:

  • Street lighting
  • Dam license and inspection fees
  • Dam maintenance
  • Park and playground upkeep
  • Billing costs and
  • Entryway maintenance name just a few items. Thank you each and every one of you who make paying your dues on time a priority, it is greatly appreciated! Have a pleasant spring and summer - be safe!

Best regards,
-Dino Fanara


New Park Furniture

We have a few more projects to complete in the park this year: another green bench will be installed near the playground and a combination table and bench-seats will be installed under the trees.


Drowning at Big Beef Creek

Big Beef Creek was roaring Monday, Feb 15, as it passed over the the dam spillway and on down into a ravine where Lucas Weaver, 18, was swept into the water and drowned. He was hiking and fishing with three friends about a mile and a half downstream from the spillway when he apparently slipped on partially submerged rocks while attempting to cross the creek.

Weaver's friends tried to save him by grabbing hold of his backpack, but his pack slipped off, and Weaver was swept farther downstream in the raging water to a waterfall, where he became trapped, the sheriff's office said.

As reported in the Kitsap Sun, fire and rescue crews arrived, but could not get their vehicles down into the ravine. They made it part way with assistance from a nearby resident who trucked them down in his 4 x 4. The rest of the way, tools and gear were carried by hand, but by that time, sadly, the rescue had become a recovery.

As we reflect on Lucas's passing, we're reminded that being in or near the water any time of year can suddenly turn disastrous. Please be careful!


Dam Inspection Scheduled

Our Lake Symington Dam has been included as part of the inspections to be conducted by the Washington State Dam Safety Office in 2016.

We're set up to meet at the dam between 4:00 and 4:30 on Thursday the 28th of April. Our Club Prez, Dino Fanara will represent us as the Dam Safety Officer. All are invited to be in attendance.

If problems are found, who pays for the repairs?

This is one of the things your Community Club does with the yearly dues it collects. The costs of inspection fees and repairs have been estimated to be approximately 40 percent of the total amount collected from dues.

If the repair cost is beyond the scope of the club's reserves, the HOA will create an association L.I.D. to try to pull in more people, as they did when they rebuilt the spillway in '87. An LID is a financial instrument that provides a long-term payment plan, with relatively low interest rates, which allows property owners to upgrade various infrastructure in their neighborhood. (for background, see

The results of the inspection will be posted on the HOA website:


Lake Symington Salmon

The Wash. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife has competed their fish count report for the lake. We had 1,134 salmon return for the fall of 2015. Nothing like the days of old, but better than the last few years. The tribal netters had problems with algae and sea grass fouling their nets, so that helped the return. We'll take any break we can get.

One thing noticeable was that the returning fish were small, according to WDFL. I did notice that when I was checking the returns at the ladder. The count of out-going smolt was lower than usual. The Dept. expects this to become a real problem as the adults returning are smaller.

-Bob Melcher


June Community Garage Sale

Coming up on the 1st weekend in June: Our 4th annual community garage sale!

Our thanks go out to Jennifer Kilkenny and Tim Roche of Better than Bacon Brokers, LLC at RE/MAX Victory for providing support and publicity for the event. If you plan to participate, please RSVP via call or text to Jennifer at 360-434-3106. She'll be sending out a reminder a month ahead of time, which is helpful because everybody is so busy!

BTBB have also made a contribution to LSCC to help defray the publishing costs of this newsletter.


Annual Meeting

This year, our annual Community Club meeting will be held at the park at 9 am on July 9th. Board officers will be elected and other community issues will be discussed.

If you have something on your mind regarding the community, this is a great time to get it off your chest!


Lake Weeding

We're again looking for volunteers to help out with lake weeding and park maintenance this summer and fall. Please contact us via email if you're willing and able to lend a hand.


Lake Symington News

Association Officers

  • President: Dino Fanara
  • Vice President: Larry Dandurand
  • Treasurer: Heather Keller
  • Newsletter Editor: Steve Johnson
  • Secretary: Stephanie Blotzer
  • Boardmember: Patrick Blotzer
  • Boardmember: George Pease
  • Boardmember: Bob Schumacher

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