Lake Symington News, April 2017

From the President

The LSCCLUB Board continues to meet monthly in a positive and constructive manner working together to find ways to improve our community. We continue to work with Div 5, (the Big Park side of the lake) to ensure they contribute financially toward dam licensing and maintenance. They are a completely separate home owners’ association, but part of the Lake Symington Community.

Some ideas have been floated about making improvements to the corral area to make it an asset to our community. Possibly signage to make it easier to find. Suggested improvements: getting it parked out, packed gravel circumnavigation trails for walking and jogging, fixed exercise stations, tot play area. Possibly a survey would need to be done to determine if any privacy fencing for the neighbors is needed and to make sure property lines are respected. This would be a multiyear project as the budget allows.

We have completed the compilation of all 5 of our divisions CC&Rs and have made a few updates to the rules. Please keep a watch on the LSCCLUB website for them at We will post them as a draft for a 90 day comment period before voting to make them final. (We appreciate constructive member input).

We know some foreclosed properties have been a challenge for our community. Please know that the Board is doing everything we can to mitigate these situations. We’re working with owners, banks and various governmental agencies to get these properties cleaned up and secured. Hopefully the upturn in the housing market will continue and these properties will soon be made legally and cosmetically ready for sale.

I can’t say enough how grateful I am to work with such a wonderful dedicated group of hardworking volunteers that give so much of themselves and their personal time in an effort to make our community a great place to live.

I would like to welcome our newest Board Members: Danielle Rye, Sky Marks, and LSCC Dam Safety Liaison Jeff Glanzman!

Best regards,
-Dino Fanara

Neighborhood Watch

Several residences have experienced vehicle and home break-ins recently, and a Lake Symington Neighborhood Watch program is now getting started, organized by Sharon Iverson, Jennifer White Kilkenny & Danielle Rye. Division 3 is already up and running, but we still need Street Captains for the other four. If you’re wondering what Division you’re in, there’s a searchable map at

We will be creating a Facebook Group, “East Lake Symington HOA Neighborhood Watch,” which will keep Group members informed of events in the neighborhood (you have to sign up and become a member to see the good stuff).

There are several things you can do to help prevent becoming a crime victim:
• Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle
• Keep your driveway well lit
• Know your neighbors and become familiar with each other’s schedules
• Install a home monitoring system
• Join the FB Group and stay current on what’s going on.
We’ve been working with the Sherriff’s Department to increase their presence here. If you’re a Group member who experiences a theft, be sure to let the Watch Captains know.

Dues Hike

Yes, it was just a matter of time… the Board of Directors can’t forestall the inevitable any longer. As you’ll see on your invoice, this year’s dues have gone up to $50 per year, or an additional forty two cents a month.

Lake Symington Corral Area Expensive Dam Repairs

This year has been a particularly expensive one for dam maintenance. Beaver damage to the fish ladder cost us $310 in material and $620 in trapping charges. (The Association owes a large debt of gratitude to Dino, Graham and George, who donated their many, many hours of labor!)

The State charges us $1200 every year for their inspection services. Then they give us a list of what we have to fix at our expense. This year, their list cost us about $300. The details of
their inspection are posted on our web site, at But let’s not forget - these costs are insignificant compared to the the bill we’d have if the dam were to actually sustain damage, and of course if it were ever to breach, many homes (and lives!) downstream would be destroyed in a heartbeat.


• Speed limit over the dam is 25MPH. Faster traffic causes vibrations it’s not designed to handle.
• Load limit is 12 tons.
• No parking is allowed on the dam and spillway
• No vehicles of any kind on the dam face (the hillside)
• No throwing of dam rocks (they cost $$$ to replace!)

Road Repairs

We have kept the County busy patching potholes and sealing seams and replacing the speed and warning signs that periodically disappear. We really appreciate their work (even
after all the calls it sometimes takes to get them out here).

June Community Garage Sale

Coming up on the 1st weekend in June: Our 5th annual community garage sale!

Our thanks go out to Jennifer Kilkenny and Tim Roche of Better than Bacon Brokers for providing support for the event. If you plan to participate, please RSVP via call or text to
Jennifer at 360-434-3106. She'll be sending out a reminder a month ahead of time.

BTBB have also made a contribution to LSCC to help defray the publishing costs of this newsletter. Thanks, folks!

New Speed Bump?

The stretch of Big Beef Crossing just north of the dam is a tempting spot for motorists to put the pedal to the metal. However, it’s also where you’ll frequently find kids crossing the street with their fishing poles and inner tubes.

The county will install a speed bump, at their expense, if enough residents near that location want it. A petition is currently being circulated to the home owners on Big Beef and
Steelhead Dr, to ascertain the popularity of the idea.

New Street Light?

Requests have been made for a street light at the corner of Thata Way and Longhorn, where kids now wait for the school bus in darkness. We can petition the County to put one in, but
the HOA pays the light bill for every street light every month and some residents may object to additional light pollution. Please contact us to tell us what you think about this and any other subject that comes to mind!

Park Porta-Potty Schedule

As you may have noticed, the presence of the outhouse in the park is based on the times of year when the park gets the most use. So you may want to circle these dates -- It never hurts to plan ahead...
Arrival - Last week in May
Departure - First week in Sept
Month of July - TWO potties (no waiting!)

Annual Meeting

This year, our annual Community Club meeting will be held at the park at 9 am on July 8th. Board officers will be elected and other community issues will be discussed.

If you have something on your mind regarding the community, this is a great time to get it off your chest!

Lake Weeding

We're again looking for volunteers to help out with lake weeding and park maintenance this summer and fall. Please contact us via email or use the comments section of your invoice, to let us know if you can lend a hand.

Association Officers

  • President: Dino Fanara
  • Vice President: Larry Dandurand
  • Treasurer: Heather Keller
  • Newsletter Editor: Steve Johnson
  • Secretary: Danielle Rye
  • Boardmember: George Pease
  • Boardmember: Steve Johnson
  • Boardmember: Bob Schumacher
  • Boardmember: Danielle Rye
  • Boardmember: Sky Marks
  • Boardmember: Jeff Glanzman

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