Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are dues?
A: As of 2017 they are $50 year. Our dues are historically low. If adjusted for inflation the original dues when the association started would now cost $238.

Q: Are dues mandatory?
A: Yes. The small annual contribution each homeowner makes has a huge impact collectively when used for the betterment of our community.

Q: If I purchased my home through the V.A., do I still have to pay dues?
A; Yes

Q: If my realtor did not tell me there were dues, do I still have to pay?
A: Yes, failure on the part of your realtor or escrow to disclose dues does not release you from the obligation.

Q: If my lot is unimproved, do I still have to pay dues?
A: Yes, the money spent by the association increases the value of your lot. The only exception currently approved by the board is for homeowners that own an adjacent unimproved lot used as a buffer.

Q:If I don’t use the park or lake; do I still have to pay dues?
A: Yes, your dues go to many things that improve the value of your home

Q: What does the association do with my dues?
A: We pay both fixed and variable expenses. The following are just some of these expenses that are paid annually (figures are approximate): Fixed Expenses = PSE for streetlights - $1,560, DOE for dam license - $1,300, Seasonal Porta Potty - $375. Web Site - $88, Post Office Box - $78, WM for trash pickup - $200, Beaver Management - $500 Variable Expenses = Postage, (Including registered mail for those that do not pay dues on time) - $500, Park Mowing and Entry Way Landscape - $1000, Dam Mowing - $1,200, Dam Repairs - $1,200, Fish Ladder Repairs - $600, Copy Service - $200, Park Maintenance - $350, There are other expenses that will occur that have not been anticipated such as repairing the rock walls behind the signs and other maintenance and management activities.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my dues?
A: The board will attempt to notify and remind you but will eventually place a lien against your property; this will include fines for failure to pay to cover our expenses and loss of revenue as well as to encourage you to pay the small sum that we collect each year.

Q: If I have a financial hardship and simply can’t pay my dues, is there anything I can do?
A:Yes. Present your case to a board member for consideration.

Q:What do I do if I owe past dues for several years and don’t want a lien on my property, but can’t pay all at once?
A: Please contact a board member to arrange a payment plan.

Q: I just don’t want to pay dues because I don’t use the park. Why should I?
A: Ironically, we hear this from time to time by the very same people that eventually place their home for sale and guess what, the first thing they list on their flyer is the amenities that include the park and lake!! Please be a good neighbor and pay your dues for the betterment of your community. It is the right thing to do. Some members actually pay more than what is owing to show pride in their community.

Q: Who decides how the money is spent?
A: Ultimately you do, by electing the board of directors annually, you have a say in how money is spent. You may also, at anytime, contact board members to express your opinion on maintenance activities or other board activities.

Q: Are motor boats allowed on the lake?
A: They are expressly prohibited by the association and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Q: I want to launch a boat/kayak how do I do that?
A: There is a gate at the South end of the park for that purpose. Please park outside the gate so others can also utilize the ramp and so mowing can be done.
Q: I want to camp at the park, or my guests want to camp at the park is that okay?
A: No, the park is closed at dusk for safety.

Q: I am having problems with my neighbor, should I contact the board?
A: Call 911 for criminal activity. If there are covenants you believe are being broken, please notify the board providing the address and specific infraction.

Q: My neighbor’s dog is a nuisance. Will the association do something about it?
A: This is what you need to do:

Noise complaint: (Pet making noise for more than 15 minutes in any one hour period)

• Call the County 360 337-5777 for information and/or go to and fill out the complaint statement/barking ledger.

Injured Animal:

• Call the Humane Society 360 692-6977

Uncontrolled Animal:

• Call 911 (Kitsap County does not have a “Leash Law” they have a requirement that any animal must be “under physical control”, example: (Can mean your pet comes when called and is under your visual control) This includes cats and they must be under physical control.

Q: Do the board members get paid?
A: No, On occasion a board member may submit receipts for purchases to make improvements that are approved by the board. Board members are volunteers from the community.

Q: How often does the board meet?
A: Once a month

Q: I care a lot about my community, how can I get involved?
A: Please contact the board, we appreciate volunteers, new ideas, new perspectives and community support! We encourage your participation.

Q: Do board members have special rights to trespass on my property?
A: No, board members obey the same rules we all enjoy. We will view properties from the perspective of the street view or neighboring yard if there is specific complaint regarding covenants brought to the attention of the board. In an emergency such as apparent flooding, fire etc. a board member, like any good citizen, may attempt to help resolve the problem to protect your property.

Q: Who owns the lake and dam?
A: Washington State has determined that all bodies of water belong to the public. The dam belongs to the Lake Symington Community Club by deed and your association is responsible for the maintenance required by law.

Q: I would like to volunteer to help do community work in areas owned by the association?
A: Please contact the board and we will identify tasks needing assistance, which may include, fish ladder maintenance, dam maintenance, park maintenance, signage/entryway maintenance, Corral area maintenance, Spillway maintenance, etc.

Q: If I think I should have a street light, how do I get one?
A: Street lights are a decade’s long commitment that cost $140-$160 per year plus installation. Street lights were installed in critical areas on a case by case basis. They represent a significant cost and commitment to the board. Some people do not like street lights. A petition to the board for a specific street light based on need may be presented and will be considered and voted on. The cost to remove a street light is also prohibitive and will be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: What positions do the board members hold? I might be interested in participation.
A: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Dam Safety Officer, Dam Safety Team, Fish Ladder Manager, Park Officer, Board Member. You are encouraged to participate! We currently need a Fish Ladder Manager, Dam Safety Team Member, Park Officer.

Q: I would like to or my teenager would like to, earn money doing work for the association is that possible?
A: This is reviewed by the board on a case by case basis, some concerns that have to be weighed are: business license/bond/insurance and the type of work performed. Most work by community members has been volunteer work to better the community.