lake symington dam spillway

We had our five year dam inspection by the Dam Safety Office of the Department of Ecology last summer (2011). We met several new goals requiring an Emergency Action Plan that is more comprehensive than our original: we had a control wheel fabricated for the outlet works and tested it; we established an operations and maintenance manual and began repairs on the dam face (installation of boulders); we removed brush that was endangering the dam. A lot of the work was volunteer work from good neighbors of our community. We are always in need of volunteers to help the H.O.A. in various ways. Please let us know if you want to help.


Washington Department of Ecology has increased our Dam Safety Fees 41%. Although we wrote letters of protest, communicated with other HOA's and attended a hearing regarding this issue last December in Lacy, the increase went through. In addition to the costly increase we have the expense of maintaining the dam to the state's specifications. The impact of the dam covering cost of inspections, inspection fees and repairs directly related to inspections has been estimated to be approximately 35 to 40 percent of total dues collected from Homeowners Association fees.

lake symington dam spillway 2lake symington dam

symington outlet works

Exercising outlet works.

lake symington damlake symington spillway

Debris in spillway come from fish ladder maintenance and are required to be put there by DOE.
Spillway area, hidden hazards (NOT A PLACE TO PLAY).

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