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Lake Symington Fish Ladder

In 1965 a private company built the dam creating our 78 acre lake. A residential development followed. The dam created a fish ladder cmajor problem by blocking the migration of Coho salmon. That fall run ends at Morgan’s Marsh at the foot of Green Mountain.

In the 1980’s the fish ladder was built to allow fish passage. The ages old Coho migration and circle of life could resume. The ladder has an entrance box at the bottom, 29 steps or log stops up to the top. Water flow into the ladder is regulated by removable boards at the top. It is our responsibility to the State to maintain the ladder year round for fish passage as young salmon, “smolt”, return to Hood Canal all year.

During low water, beavers create a major problem by damming the fish ladder. It is very demanding labor trying to keep the ladder clear during this time. Usually July thru Sept.

Fish Ladder Report

On August 15th and 16th 2009, the wood steps in the fish ladder were replaced. The cedar

fish ladder i boards were 15 years old and were failing due to constant water flow and beaver damage. There are 29 steps, 3 boards each, plus 2 boards in the entrance box. A total of 89 water logged boards had to be removed and new boards needed to be sized cut and top boards notched and installed. Only non treated cedar can be used.

The job was done in two days of hard work by Anthony Reinning, Brad Melsberg, Larry Dandurand, Tom Record and Linda and Bob Melcher. The cost of lumber was approx. $1500.00, all of the labor and use of tools and equipment were donated.

-- Bob Melcher – Fishway Team Leader