Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

August 9, 2016

Board Members in Attendance:
Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson, George Pease, Larry Dandurant, Tina Marks, Bob Schumacher

Also in Attendance: No others

Board Members Absent:
Patrick Blotzer, Stephanie Blotzer, Dana Spangler, Graham Fenwick, Sky Marks

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 6:05 by the president
(In absence of a full time secretary, Bob Schumacher agreed to perform this month's duties.)

Minutes: (Not read or recorded; posted on website)

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer: 7/1/16 - 7/31/16
Previous Balance: $13,359
Withdrawals: $232
Deposits: $741
Ending Balance: $13,869

Topics Discussed:
Lake Weed Raking/Herbicide Use: Discussed in general were the continual problems ridding the lake of weeds. Volunteers are difficult to come by for raking; lack of Insurance if someone gets hurt using the rake discourages novices; herbicide is used in some other lakes, with mostly negative results to wildlife; contracting out the weed removal could cost up to $20, 000; living with the weeds seems our current best option.

San-A-Kan Options: Heather discussed the benefits for renting the San-A-Kan by the month vs. daily as we did for the 4th of July, a not very cost effective option. If we again want the Kan for a week end or short period, we may want to take it for the month at similar costs as much of the cost is in the delivery of the Kan.

Entryway/Shrubs: Bob reported that the three dead Thujas removed from the entryway were returned to Home Depot for a full refund. He said in the fall he will purchase four smaller Thujas to replace the three that were removed. George suggested weed-eating tall grass at entrance to our property on Redwing. Discussion evolved, without resolution (?), as to who owns the property where LSCC signs are located.

Playground Equipment: Tina Marks made an extensive report on new playground equipment for the park that is both modular and expandable for age group of five to twelve. Prices from NW went from $300 for log jumping equipment to swing sets for up to $2,000, to a 24- piece exercise station for $23,000 to well above $39,000. Tina will email the link to NW Slides and monkey bars have insurance risks. Many other types of equipment have various popularity and usage interests with children. Swing sets seem to be the most popular equipment for all age groups. Different proposals were made as to how to pay for the equipment: school surplus, grants, donors, community activities, etc.

Dam Report and Discussion: Dino discussed a few of the recommendations in the dam report requiring a response within 90 days of its mailing date to us of July 25, 2016, i.e.: October 25, 2016.
• Removal of vegetation from dam embankment on a periodic basis to be written into LSCC Maintenance Manual.
• Contract to cut or otherwise treat grass between rocks on south side of dam as grass is very difficult to Weed-Whack between the rocks.
• Log boom needs ‘anchoring.’
• We received a dam hazard designation of 1b, down from 1c. Worst is a 1a.
• Emergency Evacuation Plan. Homes down river need to be notified.
• Fish ladder has crack similar to crack that occurred in 2005 that was fixed with cement glue and mortar. George suggests fixing this time with steel plates.
The dam is an earth dam normally good for fifty years. Our earth dam was built in 1959; spillway was rebuilt in 1986; though earth dam remains as it was in 1959, with rocks added on south side in 2015.

Lake Symington Community Club Officers and Board Members:
PRESIDENT: Dino Fanara
VICE PRESIDENT: Larry Dandurand
TREASURER: Heather Keller
SECRETARY: unfilled position
Board Members:
Steve Johnson
Patrick Blotzer
Dana Spangler
Larry Dandurand
Bob Schumacher
George Pease
Graham Fenwick
Tina Marks
Sky Marks

Meeting Adjorned AT 7:20
Next Meeting
Tuesday, September 13TH 6:00 @ Heather and Steve’s

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