Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

Annual Meeting Minutes For
July 8, 2017

Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson, Danielle Rye, Bob Schumacher, Graham Fenwick

Patrick Blotzer, Sky Marks, Jeff Glanzman, George Pease, Larry Dandurand

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 9:08 AM by Dino Fanara, President

INTRODUCTION OF BOARD MEMBERS: Dino introduced all present board members.


Treasurer: 6/1/17 - 6/30/17
Previous Balance: $18,447
Withdrawals: $1,562
Deposits: $3,023
Ending Balance: $19,906

Graham Fenwick, Dam Safety Officer, gave an update on the dam:
Graham explained that collectively as an HOA we all own and are responsible for the maintenance of the dam.
Washington State’s mandatory inspection costs 5K and occurs every 5 yrs. If we fail the inspection the state could take over the dam. Graham performs an inspection of the dam quarterly. The dam is exercised (opened) once a year. The biggest threat to homeowners should the dam ever fail is to people downstream. Graham stated that the dam is an ongoing
maintenance activity and is the highest cost to the HOA. There has been some damage to the salmon ladder from beavers. The HOA is mitigating this by replacing wooden ladders with steel ones and by legally trapping and relocating beavers. There should be no playing inside the dam or spill way. Don’t throw any rocks into the spillway or off of the dam face as this causes damage and all rocks must be replaced. There is no parking allowed on or directly next to the dam. The dam has a weight limit of 14 Tons. Central Kitsap Fire & Rescue will not drive a fire engine over the dam. Graham reminded everyone that they should remove their trash from the park and dam area as this has been an issue recently.

Dino filled in for Vice President Lary Dandurand who helps maintain the Park:
The HOA recently added new benches, and is currently in the process of repairing the swing and slide. Dino
explains that the HOA wants to install more kid friendly toys to entice families to visit the park. Dino explained that the large park with the baseball field on the other side of the lake is not ours, but rather owned and maintained by Division 5 a separate HOA.

Dino explained the HOA bylaws that dictate how we operate and how the HOA Board may make changes to CC&Rs.
Dino explained that there were 5 separate CC&Rs, one for each division. The main goal was to consolidate the CC&Rs into one document and update a few out of date items. There are only a few new rules, most of the document is carry over from the previous CC&Rs. Dino asked the members present for comments.

Q: How was notification of the new CC&Rs given?
A: Notification was sent about the change in CC&Rs in the Spring newsletter. The CC&Rs are available for review online. The member expressed concern about not receiving it in the mail. Discussion commenced about the cost of sending a document of that size to 300+ residents.

Q: Member requested that the HOA provide phone numbers for the board.
A: The HOA Board is volunteer run, and to have our number published would inundate us with calls from realtors. Dino offered to give that specific member his personal phone number.

Q: Some houses are clearing lots when the CC&Rs state that 60% of the trees must remain.
Why have this rule if it’s not enforced?

A: This rule is original to the plat and likely was put in place to keep integrity of the neighborhood while homes were being developed. Dino explained that the board does not police the neighborhood but rather we only respond to complaints. If no complaint is received we may not know about it. The board will discuss this rule and comments received further and
decide if this is something we should keep, amend or delete from our CC&Rs.

Q: Must renters maintain their home the same as other HOA residences?
A: Yes, renters must obey the same rules as all HOA members. The CC&Rs are in place to keep the neighborhoods integrity. Dino further explained the process for filing a complaint and HOA follow up on complaints.

Q: Will there be a fine imposed for violation of CC&Rs?
A: If the homeowner is not willing to rectify the issue there is a $10 per day of violation fee. This was added to the CC&Rs so that the HOA could address issues that are extreme and nonresponsive.

Q: Can you have guests stay in a trailer?
A: Yes, for up to 30 days.

Q: Military flop houses that take up parking in the street?
A: Dino stated that we can discuss this at our next meeting. Parking issues that occur in the Public Right of Way should be reported to the county. The HOA will look into solutions for parking issues, but we don’t want to impose more rules than necessary.

Q: What is this fencing rule?
A: The fence rule is not a new rule and only applies to homes in Division 6 (Otter Run).

Q: What is this new pet rule?
A: Dino explained that the CC&R regarding maximum numbers of pets is county regulation. The HOA put it in the CC&Rs as the County has not been able to enforce it. If you wanted more than is allowed by county code you would need to get a license through Kitsap county. Pets that are a danger or roaming should be reported to Kitsap County Humane Society.

Q: There is a new rule for Chickens & Roosters, why?
A: Dino explained that until recently there weren’t many fowl in the neighborhood. The rule is necessary so the HOA can respond to complaints. All residents are required to be within county code for livestock as well as HOA rules. The HOA will only get involved if there is a complaint, so be a good neighbor!

Q: Member asked about what the HOA is doing for speeding on Holly Road & recent thefts.
A: The HOA has been in contact with the Kitsap County Sherriff’s office to request patrols of Holly, specifically near Lake Symington. There is an active neighborhood watch group and if you want to be involved, contact Danielle Rye at Members should report all crimes, small or large and feel free to contact local government to request increased patrols.

Q: A Member stated that she has a rooster and wants to keep it.
A: Dino stated that although you are not in compliance with the rule we are not going to police you. Dino explained that unless we receive a complaint the HOA will not act. Dino stated the best advice we can give is that you are not in compliance and to try to be complaint.
Comment: Member Carl Johnson stated that we need to make and maintain relationships with our neighbors. Communication is essential.

A: Dino reiterated to please speak up, give comment. The HOA wants your involvement. Talk to us, we are your representatives.

Q: Member asked what happened with the private patrolling.
A: Dino stated that a few years ago we were looking for a private patrol company to survey the area for a few hours during the evening. We invested in a company that came one time, and the reports they promised were never received. Dino felt it was a shake down. The company didn’t perform. Dino stated that we could look into it, but it is expensive.

Q: Will there be speed bumps on Big Beef:
A: Heather Keller, HOA Treasurer, explained the process of petitioning the county for speed bumps. 11 of 13 residents affected approved the petition for speed bumps. Members expressed frustration with drivers from Bridletree speeding.

Q: There is a huge speeding problem on Boundary Trail, what can be done?
A: Dino explained that the board will notify the sheriff’s office, but also please report these issues yourself to the Kitsap County Sherriff’s office.

Q: Can the HOA install speed bumps on the road?
A: No, this is a public county road and we cannot legally install speed bumps ourselves.

Q: When are you notified as a homebuyer of the HOA and CC&Rs?
A: This should happen during the title process upon purchasing the home.

Q: Can the HOA add a rule in the CC&Rs regarding trash cans sitting on the curb all week?
A: The HOA board will address this in our next meeting in August.

Q: What is going on with the Corral property?
A: Dino circulated a map illustrating where the corral property is. There was discussion of what to do with the property at recent board meetings, however there has not been a consensus among HOA board members. Dino explained that volunteers from the HOA recently cleaned up the trail. Dino stated that we may put up signage so that it could be found in case of emergency or need of police aid. A member explained that there was a person years ago living in it and
they had to call police to evict. Currently there are no squatters in the land and it is being used as an access trail open to HOA members only.

Dino asked the group for their opinions on what should be done in the corral. One member expressed that her kids used to use it for recreation and would like to see it continued to be used for that. Another member expressed concern of strangers going on to private property and would like to see a fence. A third member expressed that there is a creek that floods the corral, explaining and that drainage issues would need to be addressed before any trail work is completed as the trail would wash away every winter. Dino explained that it’s a community owned property, and we need to come to a common goal. Members expressed that they like the corral being a natural resource, but would like to maintain it. Dino asked if the HOA trail was maintained, if it would be a good thing or a bad thing. Members stated that they would be okay as long as members stayed on the trial, perhaps install a split rail fence to maintain privacy. Dino asked if there are any hazardous trees and all members present who reside near the corral stated there are no known danger trees.

Q: Can the HOA ban Fireworks?
A: Dino stated the county has laws prohibiting the use of illegal fireworks and as an HOA we could consider fireworks ban, but it’s not likely that we could get concensus and it would be hard to enforce.

Q: Park Upgrade: Member asked what we are going to do to update the park?
A: The board is currently looking into installing more child friendly toys. Dino invited him to attend the next board of directors meeting and provide input.

Q: When is the next meeting:
A: The board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6 pm usually at one of the board member’s homes. Please contact a board member for the place and time.

Q: How can I volunteer to weed the lake?
A: The HOA has a boat with a small mower and all HOA members can use it. Contact Dino and he will put you in touch with the person who currently has the mower and boat.

Q: Member asked if lake front properties can add sand or new docks.
A: Dino referred to the shoreline delineation act. The board will discuss all comments received and vote on the final version of the CC&Rs at the August meeting.

Dino expressed thanks to the board members for their dedication and volunteerism.

The president opened the floor for nominations of new members. None were received.
A motion was made to maintain the current HOA board members, unanimous approval was received.

ADJORNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

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