Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

July 5, 2015

Called to Order: 12:01 PM

Members Present: Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, George & Colleen Pease, Bob Schumacher, Steve Johnson, Stephanie Blotzer, Larry Dandurand, Renee Bellemere

Members Absent: Dana Spangler, Patrick Blotzer

Secretary's Report: minutes were approved as read
Dino will send minutes to Jeanne monthly for the website

Treasurer: 5/1/15 - 5/31/15 6/1/15 - 6/30/15
Previous Balance: $9,918 $16,181
Withdrawals: $647 $3,170
Deposits: $6,909 $1,237
Ending Balance: $16,181 $18,114
  • Late fee of $10 was added to all accounts unpaid on July 1 instead of May 31.
  • MOTION to apply liens to any residences not paying greater than or equal to three years (Steve/Heather)
  • Letter is being finalized to ease complaint in community club (resident living arrangements are against county codes)

Community Activities:

LSCC HOA Projects for 2015

  • MOTION to paint pavilion with leftover paint (Dino/Heather) UNANIMOUS YES
  • Exercise outlet for sluice after meeting - SUCCESS
  • Front Entrance: one side is growing taller (Thank you George and Colleen for making these plots beautiful!)
  • Discussion of poles from pavilion serving table (removed) + will pull out and evaluate if anyone misses them
  • Discussion of new picnic tables for pavilion (colored concrete vs. upbeat) +4 rect. picnic tables and 1 round table
    + George will come back with concrete bid and Steve will come back with upbeat bid
    + Ee will discuss bid amounts and preference next month
  • New signage for dam walls and around (possible fence on side by rocks to keep out of area)

New Business:

  • MOTION to retain officers for 2015-16 year (George/Stephanie) UNANIMOUS YES

Adjourned: next meeting Monday 8/10/15, at 6:00 PM, Steve and Heather’s house

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