Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

July 9, 2016

Board Members in Attendance:
Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson

Also in Attendance: Renee Bellemere, Sky Marks, Tina Marks

Board Members Absent:
Patrick Blotzer, Stephanie Blotzer, Dana Spangler, Larry Dandurand, Bob Schumacher,
George Pease, Graham Fenwick

Minutes: (Not read or recorded)

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer: 6/1/16 - 6/31/16
Previous Balance: $13,135
Withdrawals: $2,804
Deposits: $2,515
Ending Balance: $13,135

Topics Discussed:
Park Vandalism: Dino met with the father of the twelve-year old female vandal. The family and the other girl vandal cleaned up the mess in time for the Fourth of July.

Park Sign: When a new sign (similar to the one at the Bridle Tree Entrance) is available, the old one attached to a tree will be removed.

Changing Fiscal Year: Heather mentioned that it was confusing to new home owners and real estate agents when our fiscal year ends May 31st and begins June 1st. Others in attendance brought up the fact that January 1st is a very busy and cash strapped time of year for members.

Lake Weed Herbicicde: Heather informed us that another community with a similar size lake to ours used a lake weed herbicide and found it effective. Dino reported that a lake in eastern Washington used a lake weed herbicide and it resulted in some wildlife kill. Those in attendance thought it should be considered. Heather will investigate.

Playground Equipment: The board is interested in equipment that is durable, safe, and maybe modular -that can be added to at later dates when funds are available. Tina Marks volunteered into coming up with some possibilities and suggested that perhaps a Boy Scout could install it as an Eagle Scout project.

Lake Symington Community Organization: Dino reviewed for new comers, Sky and Tina Marks, all things Lake Symington Community including:
· Homes involved (6 districts- not 5),
· Board meetings (date, time and what is discussed),
· Website (Jeannie Jones has done a super job!)
· CC & R’S (Currently being reviewed and revised, and coalesced by Steve and Dino.
Livestock restrictions considered.
Sky suggested that they are available to members for review.)
· By-laws (recently revised and up-dated, as were the Contact List)
· Insurance considerations
· Financial obligations:

o Dam, spillway fish ladder
o State licensing fees
o Street lights (six-year commitment, expensive to remove)
o Newsletters and due collection
o Liens
o Problem homes
o Port-o-Putty for the park
o Park and entryway maintenance
o Park and entryway improvement

Dam Area: Dino mentioned that maybe a beaver deceiver as well as plants and trees could make this area easier to maintain. Keep Off signs need to be repainted.

Lake Symington Community Signage: Dino conveyed to us Graham’s and his wife’s suggestion regarding the need for signs that inform folks they’re in the LSC.

LSCC Dues Increase: Should we? Division 5’s dues are $49. They are really low considering inflation.

Park Improvements: We all agreed that the community is much improved thanks to the efforts of the board!

Motions Passed:
Graham Fenwick is the new Dam Safety Officer
Last year’s slate of officers and board members are re-elected.
Sky and Tina are members of the board.
Date of monthly meeting has been changed to second Tuesday of the month

Lake Symington Community Club Officers and Board Members:
PRESIDENT: Dino Fanara
VICE PRESIDENT: Larry Dandurand
TREASURER: Heather Keller
SECRETARY: Stephanie Blotzer

Board Members:
Steve Johnson
Patrick Blotzer
Dana Spangler
Larry Dandurand
Bob Schumacher
George Pease
Graham Fenwick
Tina Marks
Sky Marks

Other Considerations:
We hope Colleen Pease is feeling better and wish her a speedy recovery.

Meeting Adjorned AT 10:06
Next Meeting (Note the day of the week changed)
Tuesday, August 9TH 6:00 @ Heather and Steve’s

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