Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

June 8, 2015

Called to Order: 6:06 PM
Members Present: Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, George Pease, Bob Schumacher, Steve Johnson, Stephanie Blotzer
Members Absent: Mike Gatrost, Dana Spangler, Patrick Blotzer, Larry Dandurand

Secretary’s Report: minutes were approved as read
Dino will send minutes to Jeanne monthly for the website

Treasurer: 4/1/15 - 4/30/15 5/1/15 - 5/31/15
Previous Balance: $10,250 $9,918
Withdrawals: $332 $647
Deposits: 0 $6,909
Ending Balance: $9,918 $16,181
  • LSCC dues summary was presented; board will wait a month, then one more note before lien
  • great go away gift from public meeting
  • doggy bags were requested in the park; placed on sign and being used
  • letter was written in draft to ease complaint

Community Activities:

  • we will have bags at annual meeting to clean up just in case

LSCC HOA Projects for 2015:

  • the board needs to be taken out of the fish ladder, to the water line; George will clean out the hole
  • need help weeding the lake (possibly Navy chiefs) + can start weeding on 7/1
  • discussion to scrap pickle ball court and use money for bench for moms in play area, even out the ground, grade by the
    Sani-can, seed for new grass; new sign out front of park (George will bid) UNANIMOUS YES
  • + look into bench for play area before land is graded; discuss 7/5 for tables (upbeat vs concrete)
  • look into some tables for under area like benches previously purchased
  • clean benches in park (George will contact company to make sure of correct process)

New Business:

  • warning to residents about biohazard items in park, put up a notification
  • please be nice to your park, and leave it the same way you came in.
  • look at the possibility of camera with long life battery for park
  • Larry gave Dino tubs containing history of lake
  • George will go to the store and purchase large garbage bags, leaf rake and flat shovel for the shed

Adjourned: next meeting Sunday 7/5/15, at 12:00 PM, LSCC Community Park

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