Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

Annual Meeting Minutes For
March 13, 2017

Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson, George Pease, Larry Dandurand, Graham Fenwick, Danielle Rye

Patrick Blotzer, Sky Marks, Jeff Glanzman

Meeting Called to Order at 6:05 PM by Dino Fanara, President

Approval of Minutes: Meeting minutes from February 23rd were approved unanimously and will be posted to the website.


Treasurer: 2/28/17
Previous Balance: $12,009
Withdrawals: $384
Deposits: $1
Ending Balance: $11,626


Vacant Secretary position:
Dino expressed gratitude for the time Bob Schumacher spent serving as interim HOA Secretary. Dino motioned to appoint Danielle Rye as the new HOA Secretary. Heather seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the board.

Street lights/Bus Stops:
The committee discussed the need for street lights at school bus stops along Longhorn Drive.
Action item(s): Steve will include a piece in the upcoming newsletter soliciting input on the addition of street lights on Longhorn Drive and possibly other streets in the HOA.

Dam Report:
Graham provided the committee with the Dam Report for review. Graham mentioned that he has been in contact with Doug from Kitsap County Public Works regarding the degrading patch job on the pavement at the dam. Doug disagrees that the pavement is sinking but agreed to put in a new seal for the hot patch. Kitsap County will not install guard rails along the damn but suggested to look into placing rocks to prevent cars from parking along the dam. Members discussed speed bumps along Big Beef Crossing to slow traffic traveling over the dam.

Action item(s): Heather will submit a request to Kitsap One to pursue the speed bump request and will obtain neighborhood input on new speed bumps. Graham will complete dam inspections quarterly, with the next one due this spring. Steve will include a link to the Dam report in the newsletter. Dino will upload the report to the website.

Corral Area:
Members discussed the future of the 2 acre area known as “The Corral”. Removing overgrown brush and creating a trail system was discussed. Dino expressed that left in its current state it poses a liability to the HOA. Members expressed concerns about inviting illegal or dangerous activity should the area be opened up for use. George recommended splitting and selling the parcels to the homeowners whose properties are adjacent to the land.

Action item(s): Board Members will tour the corral area on March 25th at 10am to become familiar with the area.

Park Report:
George announced he will be doing an annual “Spring Cleaning” of the park soon. Work will include storm debris clean up, cleaning of the picnic tables and shelter floor, addition of 1 yard of sand to the beach and removal of moss/debris from the shed/shelter roofs. Members discussed alternate uses for the Volleyball area.
Action item(s): Dino to sweep the roof areas.

Action Item(s): Dino to upload the new CC&Rs on the HOA website for community review.

Fort Symington HOA (Div. 5):
Graham reported that despite his multiple attempts to obtain a bill, he has not received one for his property in Div. 5. Dino mentioned his recent conversation with Division 5 Secretary (Laurie Mcintyre). The Fort Symington HOA has not paid their share of costs for the dam. Board members discussed concern that if the Div. 5 HOA became insolvent it would affect our community as a whole. Members discussed possibly taking over the Fort Symington Div 5 HOA.

NEXT MEETING: 6 p.m. April 10, 2017 at Heather & Steve’s house.

ADJORNMENT: Meeting adjourned at 7:08 p.m.

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