Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

May 9, 2016

Called to Order: 6:03 PM

Members Present: Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, George Pease, Steve Johnson, Stephanie Blotzer, Bob Schumacher, and Graham Fenwick

Members Absent: Dana Spangler, Patrick Blotzer, Larry Dandurand

Secretary's Reportt: Minutes were approved as read
Dino will send minutes to Jeanne monthly for the website

Treasurer: 4/1/16 - 4/31/16
Previous Balance: $6,711
Withdrawals: $693
Deposits: $3,551
Ending Balance: $9,569

Comments Received from Residents of LSCC

weed control/removal
speed bump (Overland)
drug/squatter homes
noise ordinance
doggy bags in park
dues amount
Old Business:

Review of By-Laws: update with current information; edit some writing convention errors; discuss next month.
Lots of comments about weeds; next letter will discuss weed control, removal and cost. We will bring in community members to help with removal.
Dam Inspection went well; waiting for report. Will fix cracks and boards as well as take pictures with no water in.
Will pour concrete for new bench when dry.
New Business:

Maps on LSCC website are unreadable.
Hemley’s Port-o-Potty will be here Memorial Day Weekend. Two for July 4th. Go away Labor Day.
Bulletin Board to look like one in front of Bridle Tree Entrance.
Send webmaster names of Officers and Board for Division 5.
Annual Community Garage Sale is June 4th.
Noxious Weeds Presentation June 4th at Crosby Community Church from 10AM to 1PM.
Adjourned:7:15 PM, next meeting Monday 6/9/16, at 6:00 PM

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