Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

October 11, 2016

Board Members in Attendance: Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson, George Pease, Larry Dandurand, Graham Fenwick and Bob Schumacher

Patrick Blotzer, Stephanie Blotzer, Dana Spangler, Tina Marks, Sky Marks

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 6:00 by the president (In absence of a full time secretary, Bob Schumacher agreed to perform this month's duties

Minutes: (Not read or recorded; posted on website)

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer: 9/1/16 - 9/30/16
Previous Balance: $13,126
Withdrawals: $4,962
Deposits: $627
Ending Balance: $9,691

LAKE WEED RAKING/ HERBICICDE use: Larry discussed in general the continual problems ridding the lake of weeds. Mill Foil becoming a significant problem. Chemical ’24-D’ kills everything, but the results have not been sufficiently studied. Need to coordinate with county and Fish and Wildlife. Options of our weed problem do not seem to be that many. Action deferred.

Entryway/ Shrubs: Bob reported that the three dead Thujas previously removed from the entryway and returned to Home Depot for a full refund were replaced by four smaller trees that have a better chance at rooting, especially in fall planting versus previous attempt in spring. Dino trying to contact owner of home at entryway to discuss property line stakes seemingly incorporating LSCC stone sign into their possession. Is home owner’s intent to remove sign or leave as is?

Dam Report and Discussion: Graham discussed his completion of the Response to Dam Inspection and Maintenance Guidelines. Names updated for flood 911 WARNING phone tree. Graham proposed (passed unanimously) two “NO PARKING” signs be made to stop parking anywhere on the roadway over the dirt dam. Each sign will cost $19.95. Also passed was the purchase of six “WARNING—KEEP OUT” signs at a cost of $205.86 for all six to be placed around the fish ladder. Total price for all signs is $245.76. Wood in fish ladder has been replaced with more wood, but less chance of beavers during low water flow. This is a short term resolution to beaver eating through the wood spillway; long term plans are for metal or fiberglass to replace the wood spillway, possibly next summer. Beaver relocation is not considered the best solution by some; others think otherwise. Heather reported on pro-rated/ proportional charges for mowing dam, park, related work and materials between divisions.

Dino reported on Vacant House Drug problems as they continue for the community. He also reported on LSCC ‘buffer zone’ dispute on Holly Road near Otter Run and a request by a home owner to build a buffer fence on the road side of his house, against sight-regulation. It was discussed the vegetation currently on the LSCC buffer zone should allow sufficient privacy with a few more trees strategically placed. Jennifer brought up the problem of speeders near the park (past her house just east of the dam). She proposed speed bumps or lower speed limits. “SLOW, CHILDREN PLAYING” signs were proposed for the road passing the park, but no action was taken as some thought that too many signs already exist in the area. The speed bump idea was discouraged as taking too long. Though, a speed bump on the road at each end of the dam may have enough merit to be considered again. It would certainly slow down cars coming over the dam, providing dam safety justification and, possibly, a speedier approval for speed bumps. Corral security was brought up, and deferred.

PRESIDENT: Dino Fanara
VICE PRESIDENT: Larry Dandurand
TREASURER: Heather Keller
SECRETARY: unfilled position
Steve Johnson, Patrick Blotzer, Dana Spangler, Larry Dandurand, Bob Schumacher, George Pease, Graham Fenwick, Tina Marks, Sky Marks

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, November 8TH @ 6:00 @ Heather and Steve’s

Respectfully submitted,
Bob Schumacher
Secretary, October Substitute


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