Lake Symington Community Club
P.O. Box 154
Seabeck, WA 98380

September 13, 2016

  • Board Members in Attendance:
    Dino Fanara, Heather Keller, Steve Johnson, George Pease, Larry Dandurand, Graham Fenwick


    Minutes: September Minutes approved as written

    Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer: Sept 13, 2016
Previous Balance: $13,869
Withdrawals: $993
Deposits: $241
Ending Balance: $13,126

Additional Expenses for dam maintenance and repairs submitted (approx $2K and will be reported next meeting)
Additional expenses from Beaver Trapping and ongoing fish ladder repairs coming. Shared cost of these expenses will be given to Div 5.

Topics Discussed:
Weight Limit signs at Dam Missing: Board to contact county.

Park Sign: Completed by George P.

Lake Weeds: Graham contacting county agencies to see if we can get assistance. Weed cutter is minimally effective as weeds grow back within 2 weeks. Heather has contact with herbicide treatment company but they are booked out and she will try to have them attend future meeting to discuss options.

Playground Equipment: The board is interested in equipment that is durable, safe, and maybe modular -that can be added to at later dates when funds are available. Tina Marks volunteered into coming up with some possibilities and suggested that perhaps a Boy Scout could install it as an Eagle Scout project.

CC & R's: Currently being reviewed and revised, and coalesced by Steve and Dino.

  • State Licensing fees
  • Street lights (six-year commitment, expensive to remove)
  • Newsletters an due collection
  • Liens
  • Problem homes
  • Port-o-Potty for the park
  • Park and entryway maintenance
  • Park and entryway improvement

Dam Report: Graham reported contractor mowing and weeding is complete. Multiple attacks to fish ladder by beavers. Trapping and repairs in progress. Metal Fabricator contacted to make bids on Beaver proofing. Fence installation to block beaver path up side of fish ladder to be installed.

Graham and Ellen completing report back to DOE on Dam inspection due Oct 25.
Graham and Ellen making repairs to boards and clearing fish ladder of debris.

Neighborhood Watch: Members of Div 2&3 working on establishing a neighborhood watch program due to recent activity from home on Holly believed to be Meth squat house.

Motions Passed: Approval of continuing repairs on fish ladder. Approval of additional Keep Out signage for certain areas of the Dam.

Lake Symington Community Club Officers and Board Members:
PRESIDENT: Dino Fanara
VICE PRESIDENT: Larry Dandurand
TREASURER: Heather Keller
SECRETARY: unfilled position
Board Members:
Steve Johnson
Patrick Blotzer
Dana Spangler
Larry Dandurand
Bob Schumacher
George Pease
Graham Fenwick
Tina Marks
Sky Marks

Other Considerations: Board working on notifications to Bank and Homeowner regarding problem property on Holly.

Meeting Adjorned AT 7:06
Next Meeting
Tuesday, October 11TH 6:00 @ Heather and Steve’s

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