The LSCC board has unanimously approved our updated bylaws. - Dino Fanara

The Kitsap Conservation District has grants and provides assistance to homeowners that have streams or creeks.

This new Life Jacket Lending Station was just installed by the county at our boat launch; it is a life jacket lending station that will have loaner life jackets in the summer.

Vigilant Neighbor on Longhorn spots mail thieves: His quick action in reporting the vehicle to authorities resulted in the capture and arrest of two individuals that also have Federal Warrants for other felonies. While it is sad to note our neighborhood was a target of would-be thieves, it is great news that they were caught red handed and will likely spend time in prison and not come back. If something looks suspicious please report it immediately; this vigilance will keep us all safer. Please do not put outgoing mail with anything of value, such as gift cards, in your mail box. It is just too easy of a target for thieves to spot the red flag. Please remember to take items of value from your car inside with you.
PS. Our neighbor got his mail back!

Car Break-ins - LSCC Members, we have had some car break-ins in our community recently - 1/15.  Please remember to bring valuables inside and lock your vehicle. Make sure your outdoor lighting is adequate to deter thieves.